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2019, Microsoft Excel 2019, Microsoft PowerPoint 2019, Microsoft Word 2019, Office Click-to-Run & Office 365 from Version 1809 (Build 10827.20150) to Version 2109 (Build 14430.20306), Office 2019 Retail from Version 1808 (Build 10340.20017) to Version 2108 (Build 14332.20145)


Please see also RibbonCreator for Microsoft® Access® 2007, Microsoft® Excel® 2007, Microsoft® Word® 2007,

or RibbonCreator 2010 for Microsoft® Access® 2010, Microsoft® Excel® 2010, Microsoft® PowerPoint 2010, Microsoft® Word® 2010,

or RibbonCreator 2016 for Microsoft® Access® 2013 & 2016, Microsoft® Excel® 2013 & 2016, Microsoft® PowerPoint 2013 & 2016, Microsoft® Word® 2013 & 2016.

or RibbonCreator 2021 for Microsoft® Access® 2021, Microsoft® Excel® 2021, Microsoft® PowerPoint 2021, Microsoft® Word® 2021.


RibbonCreator 2019 is a WYSIWYG interface for the development of ribbons. RibbonCreator 2019 has been developed in VB2017 and requires .NET Framework 4.0.

Click to enlargeIt supports creation of customised ribbons for following controls:


You can select images for controls using the appropriate dialog (Office idMso internal images). Also user-defined images for ribbon controls can be selected and written to a table within an Access database.

You can create Screentips, Supertips and Keytips for controls supporting this feature

You can select Control-idMso commands for Access, Excel, MIcrosoft® PowerPoint® and Word for the Ribbon-Controls: Groups, Button, ToggleButton, SplitButton, and Gallery.

The generated Ribbon XML can be exported directly into an Access 2019 database, including user-defined images if desired. Callbacks will be imported and the required office references will be set automatically.

Another option is to save a ribbon as a PowerPoint Presentation (.pptm), Word 2019 document (. docm), Word 2019 template (.dotm), Excel 2019 worksheet (.xlsm) or Excel 2019 template (.xltm). Both the images chosen as well as the required callbacks will be integrated.

The Ribbon XML can also be saved as XML file.
Ribbon XML created with Access, Excel, PowerPoint or Word can be loaded and modified by RibbonCreator.
An integrated callback editor to manipulate callbacks (Access only) is included. In addition, the callback call for each control can be edited individually.
RibbonCreator 2019 also includes online help.

RibbonCreator will be enhanced and extended continuously, please check this site for updates.


More screenshots can be found ...here




The shareware version is restricted to two tabs, three groups and ten controls.

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